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Drug Discovery and Development Process

How long do you think it takes for a new drug to get approved in the US? About 12-15 years, that’s roughly 1/3rd duration of the entire professional career for any of us. Next, how much investment do you think is required to bring a new drug to market? ~$1 Billion, that’s equivalent to employing 665+ employees at the annual salary of $100k for 15 years. Simply put, approval of...

The Basics of Bioanalysis: How Do We Develop and Validate Your Bioanalytical Method?

Bioanalysis is an essential tool in drug discovery and development for determining the concentration of drugs and their metabolites as well as various pharmacodynamics biomarkers in biological fluids. In these analyses, scientists use developed and validated methods to quantitatively detect analytes and metabolites within biological matrices such as serum, plasma, urine,...