Get an effective and accountable CRO service you deserve

Drug Development Expertise

Navigate your drug candidates to the clinical phase.

The success of your drug development program is our primary focus. We will help you with target identification and validation, assay development, lead optimization, preclinical development, all the way into clinical trials and market. Our integrated bioanalytical services are designed to optimize your cost and resources, leveraging our scientific expertise, operational excellence and latest knowledge of the regulatory environment.

Distinguished Service Offering

Expect collaborative onboarding, rollout, and delivery.

We are committed to 100% process transparency with all our clients. We inculcate collaboration through disintermediated and ongoing communication of clients with our frontline lab analysts and managers. We understand the dynamic and evolving nature of our work and balance the scales in your favor through our promise of enhanced flexibility and quick turnaround. That said, we have uncompromising scientific ethics and dedication to high quality facilitated by our staff’s integrity, passion, teamwork, and our continually evolving Quality Systems.

Symbiotic Business Partnership

Systematically accelerate and focus your priorities.

NorthEast BioLab’s client-centric approach creates lasting partnerships that help overcome challenges and advance together towards bringing new drugs to market. Our experience in helping multiple clients along a similar pathway translates into accomplishing all this with attractive resource and cost efficiencies for you. Furthermore, our collaborative mind-set enables working in unison with your internal team and other vendors towards our shared common goals.