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What is Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Analysis?

Dried blood spot (DBS) analysis has been practiced for ~100 years[1], but has started gaining traction as an alternate to traditional assays only this decade. Human / Animal blood is spotted on prepared filter cards, the cards are air dried, stored in airtight bags, and shipped under administered humidity and temperature levels[2]. For bioanalytical analysis, we punch tiny discs out...

What is Incurred Sample Reanalysis (ISR)?

Bioanalytical assays are widely used to quantify drugs and their metabolites in a variety of biological matrices. Incurred sample reanalysis (ISR) has steadily gained popularity as a quality assessment tool for bioanalytical assays. ISR is repeated measurement of analyte within a selected sample set from dosed subjects in separate runs on different days to establish result...

Method Development and Validation for Plasma Sample Analysis

Sample preparation and liquid chromatography are sometimes ignored during method development and validation given the highly selective Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) in LC – MS analysis. For a rugged method, however, we must pay attention to all sample cleanup and chromatography steps. Additionally, this approach safeguards reliability and minimizes tweaking while transitioning...