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Ajay Bhargava

Dr. Ajay Bhargava is VP, Biology at NorthEast BioLab and has deep expertise in the drug discovery and cancer biology. He is experienced in ELISA, molecular biology (RNA and DNA based technologies), cell biology techniques, and high content screening; planning and optimizing appropriate assays to evaluate the mechanism of action and functionality of chemical entities (synthetic and natural products); and in vivo Xenograft models, PK/PD relationship and biomarkers for mechanism-of-action studies.
Dr. Bhargava has demonstrated leadership in moving projects from target identification to phase I clinical trials. At NorthEast BioLab, he has extensively developed and validated ELISA assays for pharmacokinetic analysis of biotherapeutics under GLP and FDA guidelines. He evaluated anti-cancer compounds in proliferation, mechanism of action (phosphoprotein western blot and cytoblots) assays, RGD binding assay, and tubulin polymerization assay.
Previously, Dr. Bhargava worked with Bayer Pharmaceuticals for 13 years as a Senior Research Investigator. He did a postdoc in Molecular Biology at Yale University and received his PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

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