Clinical Trial Sample Management and Storage

Sample management is an integral part of drug development – maintaining a full chain of custody of the sample is essential for absolute regulatory compliance. NorthEast BioLab offers extensive sample management services, including –

Sample Collection Kits

  • Customized kits for pharmacokinetic and biomarker sample collection from Clinical Trials

Sample Collection, Storage, and Shipment

  • Sample collection, storage, and shipment manual for clinical sites
  • Logistics, pre-printed labels, and support for the sample shipment
  • Comprehensive sample reconciliation and support to clinical sites

Pharmacokinetic and Biomarker Sample Matrices

  • Plasma/Serum
  • Whole Blood
  • Dried Blood Spots
  • Translucent Matrices (Tears, Urine, Synovial, Cerebrospinal, Aqueous, etc.)
  • Tissues (Arterial, Lung, Kidney, Tumor, Tendon, Skin, etc.)

Long-term Storage

  • Storage at -20 degree, -80 degree, 4 degree Celsius
  • Ambient and liquid N2 chamber

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