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NorthEast BioLab offers full bioanalytical services to the pharma, biotech, and academic researchers. We have extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, biotech companies in Cambridge MA, CT, and other biotech and pharma companies in the US and around the world.

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NorthEast BioLab is a pioneering Connecticut Biotech offering a full range of bioanalysis testing and pharmacokinetic (PK) research services. We have GLP capabilities of LC-MS/MS and ELISA method development and validation for drug and biomarker testing, as well as clinical trial kitting and biosample storage.

In the era of CRO consolidation, we are one of the last few bioanalytics and central lab service provider that has remained independent by choice. In large part, we owe that to our wonderful clients – from top 10 pharmaceutical companies to emerging Connecticut and Cambridge biotech – who have stayed with us year over year. Our team has successfully supported multiple FDA audits and preclinical/clinical studies for these emerging and Fortune 500 companies. In our one and a half-decade journey, we have fortunately partnered with most of the top research and academic institutions across the nation as well.

Our veteran and highly-trained scientists are passionate about streamlining the development of your life-enhancing treatments. We seek satisfaction in fulfilling your therapeutic mission while upholding our reputation of high-quality service and quick turnaround. Given the service based business model, NorthEast BioLab is continuously looking to enhance our value proposition to maximize your benefit. Our team understands that your needs might shift during an engagement and always makes their best effort to expedite analyses. Thus, we embrace iterative research and deliver our outstanding services at highly competitive pricing.

NorthEast BioLab is the most distinguished bioanalytics, medical research, central lab management, and biosamples management service provider, with Fortune 500 clients, including leading Cambridge biotech companies. We are a client-focused service-based business and pride ourselves in our operational excellence, guarantee quick turnaround, and industry benchmark high-quality service.

Drug Development Expertise

NorthEast BioLab is a mission-driven GLP CRO / testing laboratory of choice to manage all your challenging bioanalysis projects with a scientifically sound approach. We have completed 500+ preclinical and clinical studies where our bioanalytical data was submitted to most of the IND and 30%+ NDA filings.

Scientists in our Connecticut biotech lab have extensively built connections for drug R&D within the broader medical community over the past 30+ years. Several biotech companies in Cambridge, MA and Connecticut have benefitted as much from our expertise as from our strong network of affiliates.

Symbiotic Business Partnership

At NorthEast BioLab, our vision to serve you stretches far beyond individual projects. Our ethics warrant that we carefully manage client interest and expectation with a can-do approach. In other words, we offer unmatched client-focus, whether it’s research on a life-enhancing drug, a clinical trial project, nationwide sample management, or an FDA audit.

We value your trust and are always willing to offer flexible and prompt service, such as customized reports, expedited analyses in emergencies, and more. Trust us for high-quality service and quick turnaround along with competitive pricing, for our entire range of bioanalysis and central laboratory services.

Distinguished Service Offering

NorthEast BioLab is a service-based business, and we distinguish ourselves with superior expertise, agile operations, and unwavering commitment to client success. At NorthEast Biolab, we’re committed to delighting our clients with high-quality service.

We operate with high standards, zero bureaucracy, and timeliness, and make genuine efforts to answer all your scientific and business inquiries quickly. Essentially, making the most of our industry-academia connections, subject matter expertise, and best-in-class biolab facilities.

Suitable Location and Business Model

Our experience in helping multiple clients along a similar pathway translates into accomplishing all this with attractive resource and cost efficiencies for you. Our business and operations model, project management expertise, and lab location in New Haven CT enable us to deliver compelling benefit to biotech companies in Cambridge MA, Connecticut, and the NorthEast US. Here, we magnify in-house client resources with our world-class bioanalytics expertise for successful completion of your drug program.

The numerous regulatory aspects of drug R&D are already involved enough for you to additionally solve the bioanalytics and pharmacokinetic analysis puzzle on your own. Your team needs a bioanalysis and central lab management partner with a proven track record of process excellence, and that’s where NorthEast BioLab excels. We have 15+ years of experience in managing highly complex preclinical and clinical study projects. You can count on us for logistics handling of hundreds of custom biosample test kits/samples, across the chain of custody.

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