What are Cosmetic Product Testing Laboratories?

Cosmetic product testing laboratories are contract research organizations that examine the quality and composition of cosmetic products. Given their sizeable annual production and consumption, cosmetic products undergo stringent testing and quality check to ensure the ingredient safety and formulation accuracy. Thus, sponsors demand that veteran scientists at cosmetic laboratories run cosmetic analysis testing while following FDA protocols and policies.

Furthermore, the regulators are increasingly becoming vigilant of sponsors not testing at US-based cosmetic laboratories given the rising concern about adulterated ingredients abroad. To that end, the best cosmetic laboratories automatically adhere to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards for cosmetic products. E.g., the primary outcome of cosmetic testing is a toxicology report outlining the clinical quality of chemical formulation and testing for harmful pathogens and impurities marking as laid down by the FDA. NorthEast Biolab could run multiple tests and in-vitro assay to ensure that your cosmetic product isn’t deemed unsafe or mislabeled.

Need for Cosmetic Product Testing

These days cosmetic laboratories are crucial to launching a cosmetic product that you can safely manufacture, procure, and market. Especially, given the increasing regular consumption of these products among people across age, gender, and culture. Generally, every cosmetic product must be checked carefully for the safety and list of used ingredients. In this regard, NorthEast Biolab could serve as your flexible and independent laboratory for testing cosmetics, including skincare and hair products.

Why do you need professional cosmetic testing labs, such as NorthEast Biolab?

  • Secure High Data Integrity: Ensure that your cosmetic product testing gets done professionally, while following all relevant SOPs. Relying on our reputation, try us to acquire high-quality services and accurate data.
  • Meet Quality Standards: Fulfill all the safety and quality requirements quantitatively. We can help with toxicology tests for safe and effective cosmetic products.
  • Benefit from Specialization: Consult with scientists having diverse expertise, such as LC-MS/MS testing and ELISA Assay, to ensure every round of analysis gets executed with utmost precision.
  • Choose Registered & Certified: Understand that registered labs are required to follow FDA guidelines. We are a GCP and GLP certified lab – where testing procedures are authentic and produced reports are reliable.
  • Support All-round Development: The best cosmetic laboratories can help cosmetic brands with the entire product development right from identifying the ingredients and formulation.

In summary, NorthEast BioLab can guide your cosmetic product testing with the right analysis and adherence to other essential measures before launch. These services could be invaluable for small companies with limited budget and staff. It is necessary to check the reputation and experience of the CRO you choose. Thus, market research for hiring only the best cosmetic laboratory is a wise investment of your resources.

Basis of Bioanalysis

The Basics of Bioanalysis

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Which Cosmetic Product Testing Services does NorthEast BioLab offer?

NorthEast Biolab offers for all kind of cosmetic products testing services for skincare, hair, and anti-aging product. Testing of these products is required to ensure that all active and non-active ingredients are added as indicated on the label and are stable during shelf life.

Our scientists and researchers use advanced technology to analyze various cosmetic products for their quality, composition, formulation, contamination, and other essential factors.

We are committed to provide our sponsors with high-quality bioanalytical services and support. Please contact us for any
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