Engaging Lab Jobs and Careers near New Haven, CT

NorthEast BioLab is a bioanalysis lab serving as a contract research organization (CRO) based in New Haven, CT. We are seeking highly motivated and well-qualified candidates to carry out a variety of lab jobs and build rewarding lab careers in bioanalysis, biochemistry, pharmacokinetics, and in vitro ADME services.

Accelerate Your Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry Lab Career

NorthEast BioLab is a bioanalytical CRO lab based in New Haven, CT. Our team partners with a broad array of biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients. We have multiple analytical chemistry and biochemistry job openings for qualified candidates. Meaningful exposure to various aspects of bioanalysis at our company would fast-track your laboratory career decisively.

During studies with us, you could reasonably expect to master the following skills crucial to a successful lab career –

  • Independent i) Development/Transfer of robust bioanalysis methods, and ii) Performance of high-quality and timely analysis
  • Assay troubleshooting, instrument issue identification (LC-MS/MS, HPLC, ELISA, MSD, and Luminex), data QC, and preparation of bioanalytical reports
  • Adherence to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and Study protocols

Contact us to learn more about our small and large molecule bioanalytical capabilities from early discovery through clinical trials and post-approval.

Participate in Building an Emerging CRO with a Talented Team

NorthEast BioLab is a team of successful analytical chemistry and biochemistry focused scientists and entrepreneurs on a mission to build a new kind of drug R&D company. Our bioanalytical lab is undergoing substantial growth, and we are judiciously expanding operations to fuel the same without compromising our quality standards. We have numerous various jobs in labs culminating in meaningful lab careers in case you are looking to make your mark in the field of drug research and development. Above all, our primary hiring criteria is the cultural fit and scientific talent of our future teammates.

Here’s what we look for in terms of cultural fit:

  • Passion

    Are you excited about the thought of unlocking the potential of drug compounds and candidates?

  • Patience

    Can you repeatedly undertake the same set of tasks, until you are sure of data accuracy?

  • Perfection

    Do you have the attitude to be methodological, and process-oriented to decrease the margin of error to the minimum?

And, here’s what we mean by scientific talent:

  • Experience

    Have you led Drug Pharmacokinetics, Biomarker Testing, Immunogenicity Studies, and other Bioanalytical Assay?

  • Expertise

    Are you hands-on with Mass Spec, UPLC, ELISA Assay, MSD, or Luminex platform and related software?

  • Education

    Do you have the qualifications sought after by our sponsors, such as PhD (2+ years) / MS (4+ years) in the fields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biology, or related areas?

Benefit from Our Commitment to Thrive Together

Our leadership, at NorthEast BioLab, is driven to offer you the following in your search for fulfilling lab careers.

Challenging & Stimulating Environment

We seek contentment in empowering our staff to do good science and excel at their lab careers overall. To that end, we endeavor for an inspiring and dynamic work environment.

Growth Opportunity

Develop your analytical chemistry and biochemistry laboratory careers in an environment that encourages independent thinking. Here, you will get numerous chances to drive and lead bioanalytical R&D.

Latest Technologies

We research with and experiment on state-of-the-art analytical chemistry and biochemistry equipment. There is no obstacle between you and your desire to learn the ins and outs of these technologies.

Continuous innovation

We encourage you to identify challenges and propose solutions proactively. Ultimately, there are enough occasions to stand out during your laboratory career with us.

Ongoing Education and Training

We organize regular training and knowledge sharing targeting employee development, whether you are a new or an experienced staff member. You can expect numerous training sessions to keep you up to date with the latest regulatory and market events.

Induction Training

When you join us, you will undergo the necessary training per your experience and responsibilities. E.g., you’ll be introduced to Company Policies and Safety Regulations.

Technical Training

At NorthEast Biolab, you will work with the latest equipment and instruments. Regular training is provided to familiarize you with relevant technology.

GLP Training

As mandated by protocol, you’ll be required to adhere to GLP practices and norms. You can count on us to keep your GLP awareness and knowledge refreshed. • Documents Training – Here, you get familiar with the SOPs that form the backbone of successful studies. Training is imparted via reading materials, presentations, and documentation.

External Training

We invite subject-matter experts and encourage participation in suitable events. Our recent training schedule included Watson LIMS and Certara’s Phoenix WinNonlin. We look forward to you completing the search for ‘lab jobs near me’ and approaching us to work with one of the best in the bioanalysis field.

Consider Excellent Lab Careers and Jobs near New Haven, CT

At NorthEast BioLab, you will join forces with a talented and flexible team that’s deploying state of the art laboratory techniques enabling sponsors to streamline the path to markets. Our lab jobs in CT will offer you plentiful chances to lead projects and thereby deepen your subject matter expertise. Among other benefits, we ensure that our scientists/researchers fulfilling lab technician jobs in CT update their certification frequently to stay FDA compliant and market ready. Moreover, you will find a community of like-minded professionals when you join our team. The New Haven area has a magnetic appeal for first-class pharmaceutical researchers, academic professionals, and physicians. Thanks to the worldwide reputation of Yale University and Yale-New Haven Hospital. New Haven CTs ranked among the top 100 best places to live and among the top 75 best places to retire in the United States. Furthermore, healthcare, education, and social services are the three cornerstones of New Haven’s booming economy as per US News.

Contact Us for Current Job Openings at NorthEast BioLab

Over the years, we have built our reputation as a dedicated company committed to our clients and working towards setting up deep-rooted partnerships with them. When you select our laboratory jobs, you become a part of this tight-knit group, dedicated to delivering high-quality with rapid turnaround through innovation and collaboration. One of the focus areas of our teams is individual growth under the mentorship of expert mentors. Our team, here at NorthEast Biolab, would love qualified professionals from the fields of analytical chemistry and biochemistry to take up jobs in our labs. Thus, we request you to evaluate the opportunities available within our company. If you qualify, please do not hesitate to apply! We would love to have the chance to prove our reputation as one of the top employers in New Haven CT to you firsthand. There are plenty of excellent career options and laboratory jobs related to your respective interests and field of study. Currently, we are looking for the following professionals to join our team of experts: If you see NorthEast BioLab as a potential employer, please apply to the specific opening or/and contact us directly.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are committed to provide our sponsors with high-quality bioanalytical services and support. Please contact us for any
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