Swiftness of Small Business

Collectively, we look at our size positively as compared to multi-billion dollar CROs out there. We pride ourselves on our ability to be nimble and offer clients a tailor-made experience.

Quest for Knowledge

Ultimately, we are driven by our employees’ intellectual curiosity. The inner scientist in each of our analytical chemists is constantly fueled by daily successes / failures during experimentation. Our emphasis on the need to become practice area experts helps ignite innovation.

Impact on Society

We are a positive and optimistic enterprise that’s intrinsically motivated to contribute disproportionately higher towards fighting life-limiting diseases, such as cancer. We aim to fulfill this commitment towards our very own families and the broader humanity by helping discover the right treatment.

Partnership with Clients

We firmly believe in treating our customers with utmost respect, and take full responsibility and ownership of delivering flawlessly on our promises. We achieve this by fostering a deep sense of care among our employees for what our clients are trying to accomplish. “Say what we mean, and mean what we say.”

We are committed to provide our sponsors with high-quality bioanalytical services and support. Please contact us for any
COVID-19 related questions.