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Clinical Trial Sample Management and Storage

Sample management is an integral part of drug development – maintaining a full chain of custody of the sample is essential for absolute regulatory compliance. NorthEast BioLab offers extensive sample management services, including –

Sample Collection Kits

  • Customized kits for pharmacokinetic and biomarker sample collection from Clinical Trials

Sample Collection, Storage, and Shipment

  • Sample collection, storage, and shipment manual for clinical sites
  • Logistics, pre-printed labels, and support for the sample shipment
  • Comprehensive sample reconciliation and support to clinical sites

Pharmacokinetic and Biomarker Sample Matrices

  • Plasma/Serum
  • Whole Blood
  • Dried Blood Spots
  • Translucent Matrices (Tears, Urine, Synovial, Cerebrospinal, Aqueous, etc.)
  • Tissues (Arterial, Lung, Kidney, Tumor, Tendon, Skin, etc.)

Long-term Storage

  • Storage at -20 degree, -80 degree, 4 degree Celsius
  • Ambient and liquid N2 chamber

The Basics of Bioanalysis

Bioanalysis is an essential tool in drug discovery and development for determining the concentration of drugs and their metabolites as well as various pharmacodynamics biomarkers in biological fluids. In these analyses, scientists use developed an….